Player's Inclination is the fourth enemy encountered in Basile 5.


The Player's Inclination is a more significant threat in Basile 5. In the story, the Player's inclination, much like Miriane is merely a form of Expressionism. It is supposed to be a distorted instance of the player. The Inclination is known for its tracking ability and speeds, and more importantly its ability to find the player's hiding spots - reflecting and mirroring the mind of the player. Much like Hamon Faust, the Player's Inclination can be identified through robotic construct noises. Their weapon of choice is a sledgehammer.


While the player's inclination is notable for appearing later on in the game, it ultimately can appear anywhere at any time.


Below are outstanding loops that play when the inclinationis present. (All copyright to Samuel Laflamme) 
Inclination Pursuit
Inclination Stalk
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