Miriane is the third enemy encountered in Basile 5.


In the story, Miriane is the daughter of the player. It is important to understand that the character encountered in Basile 5, much like the Player's Inclination is merely a work of Expressionism, and isn't intentionally turning on the player throughout the storyline. Miriane is visibly and completely blind constantly wearing a white mask. If nearby, the player may hear quiet layered levels of whispering. Her weapon of choice is a pitchfork, and also has greater distance than other enemy weapons.


While Miriane can appear as early as the sewers, she is generally met first in the yellow lit Servant Channels. Other locations she can appear in are:


Below are outstanding loops that play when Miriane is present. (All copyright to Mikko Tarmia, Ben Esposito and Samuel Laflamme)

Miriane Pursuit
Miriane Stalk
Miriane Fuzz
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